Monday, June 25, 2007

Love One For All

I went to the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto, Canada, yesterday. The theme of this year was "We are Unstoppable" A peacock comes strutting down the street in feathered head dress, his cape and corset is all feathers. His leather pants are covered in grommets. Someone jumped the order and was too far ahead of the rest so he had to turn back and let others start before him.

And so it starts with the clowns - who else

Then there were motor cycles all twined with the colors of pride
Right after the motor cycles marched a group that represented the middle east. Their placard proclaimed
"We Will Not Be Silenced" Everyone in this sections carried smaller signs stating the country they personally represented.

Here is a picture of one of the peacocks, must have been this one's brother that dodged out before the parade started because it was so much small than this lovely lady.

Here you see the tall of the matter

and here are the short partners for this get together

The butterfly even came from the parks and their usual sites to bless the parade.
The Celts were there with their bag pipes with the colors of pride twisted around them.
Gay parents proclaiming that a loving same sex parented home isfar better for the children than parents of opposite sex. There are the cross dressers carrying the pride flag.
then came the Queen on a scooter with angel wings in all the colors of pride. Now here are the 'Prime Timers' the men of 40+ who aren't affraid to admit they are gay.
The upshot of the parade was
If We Are United
Marry the Person You Love


Love your neighbour as you would be loved.

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