Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Some Marvelous Places I've Been to on the Web

I came across this website where you can shop till you drop. The best part of it is, is that you can own a mall to shop in AND it's totally free to sign up to. There are no letters later asking you to pay to be part of the company. You'll get plenty of letters from them but nothing asking for money. The only time you spend money is when you shop for yourself. Can you believe it. I just love going into it to look around since I can't afford to buy from any of the shops yet. There are shops with software and hardware. There are shops where you can get the most gorgeous jewelry. Do you need those special clothes for the summer, here's the place. I took a quick look through the sports shops and was amazed at the stuff that you can get there. In fact, I think you can even buy a kitchen sink there. Just click on the title of this page and you will find My Power Mall. Seriously that's the name of the website.
If you like chatting I'd recommend Skype, it's an IM that you can talk with your friends and I mean talk. Just think of it -- no more long distant phone bills - wouldn't that be awesome? All you need is a mic $20.00CAD or a headset that starts at about $50.00CAD. I just love it. I've chatted with people from all over the world. I can't wait to get a headset. By the way, this is a totally free sign-up too.
Here's another IM that I'm signed into, it's a 3D IM setup and you get to make yourself look like anything you want. It's called IMVU. Here I've enjoyed chats just for fun.
I've signed up as an affiliate with webbusinesswizard and got some very good advise from JDD's publishing. This also is a free sign-up and you have the choice of buying some more of his writings. Nothing is asked for the free papers and I've enjoyed the advise he has in his papers.
To see any one of the sites just click on the name and you'll be there.

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Thea said...

Thank you for your kind message at my guest book today, Judy.
I'm pleased to be making a difference in the world.
Have a fantastic week. :)
Namaste, Thea