Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Places I want to see when I get to the British Isles

You know I thought of what I'd do if I had $1000000. I'd thought about all the trivialities like buying houses and cars, etc. Then I decided I really wanted to visit the British Isles so here are the "Top 5" spots I'd visit while I was there.

I would go to Scotland and visit Dundee. While there I'd have lunch on the HMS Frigate that was originally named the Unicorn. The Unicorn is 150 feet long and armed with 46 guns. This is the oldest British built warship afloat and was launched in 1824. Since it was a relatively quiet time in the British history the frigate was 'roofed' and not need for any wars. When it was needed steam had rendered sails next to useless and was taken to Scotland where it is used as a tourist attraction. Dundee was the childhood home of the Queen Mother and the birthplace of Lewis Spence, an author. Spence was the authority of folklore and mythology of Central and South America. I would visit Edinbough since I had relatives living there about the time that my grandfather left Scotland.

I would go to England and visit Nottingham and Sherwood Forest, just because of the reputation from Robin Hood and the sheriff of Nottingham. Is there a better reason. I would go to London and visit the Queen, just because it sounds like a good idea. I really want to see Big Ben. Could it be as big as is reputed.

I would like to visit all of Ireland. And since I need that extra punch of luck I really want to kiss the Blarney Stone and Castle. I was always told that I was full of it anyway.

There are so many places that I want to see in all of the Isles that I think that I'd have to spend about 6 months to do it all.

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James said...

Great post! I love your comment about the blarney stone.
I like your title "...when I get to the British Isles."
You should have made your first sentence more like it "what I'll do when I have a $1000000." :)