Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Wouldn't you believe it; my first time blogging and I can't upload a picture of me. I'll have to get my hubby to take a picture so I can put it directly here from the camera.
Where to begin?

I guess at the beginning, sounds good.
I am frustrated because I've been trying to find a job online and everyone of them asks for a credit card to pay for this or that. Yeah, yeah, I know that you can find those 'free to sign up' pages. Guess what?! Read the small print - you have to pay. One example is the mystery shopper. If you sign up for free but you won't be given the addresses of where to go unless you pay to become an executive or some such.
Click here to check this site out and tell me what you think. This is a site that you don't have to put money up front to become a full member of the site.
Here's another sight that's free sign up with.

Try getting credit card with no income.
Have any one of you tried living on $2000 a month. It's hard and you can't afford extras.
Go one step backwards -- I know some who is only 30 with rheumatoid arthritis living on government disability. She gets less than $1000/month. She has to live with her sister and 2 small nephews so that she isn't eating pastas seven days a week. If I were to apply for disability I wouldn't get anything because my hubby gets paid too much. "Too much at $2000/mo"
you say. That's what the government thinks. The government thinks you can live high on the hog with their measly $1000/mo and you should be SOOO happy about it. Can you help it if you were born with a predisposed condition and cannot work? It seems the government thinks that you are living with pain every day of your live to be some kind of pleasurable life.