Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My week with my grandsons

I had a wonderful week with my daughters and grandsons, the son-in-law was there too. Ouch, that sounded bad but you know how it is. Acctually my son-in-law and I get along quite well, we always have. I have a problem with the way he is with the kids but what can I expect when he didn't have a father figure in his life.
This is a picture of my oldest daughter, Caroline and her oldest son,Logan. It's relax time after work. Lucky girl she has her sister living with her to help with the kids and housework.

This is a picture of John and Brandon, my youngest grandson. Incidentally, John is Brandon and Logan's father.
Although my daughter and I butted heads over nothing more than we are too alike to get along all the time.
Logan and Brandon had some wonderful days in the back yard or in mud puddles in the drive way. The drive way is usually off limits for the boys but Karen and I made sure we stood guard against the boys from getting onto the highway or cars coming down the drive and hurting a little body.
One day a family friend stopped by with his dog so the boys had fun throwing a ball for her and basically running from. It was so much fun watching them and trying to get some pictures of them running around.

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